Zombie Apocalypse ATL


Atlanta Hartsfield is one of the busiest airports in the world. From that, it follows that it should be busy pretty much all the time. Well, not so much. I arrived at 11 pm, late but not super late. Already all the shops were closing down. I stocked up on supplies for my all night layover. The bar tender slid a couple of unopened beers to me for free after hearing I was spending the night. I then set off to find a nest. For future reference, Terminal E (the old international terminal) should be your target.

Anyhow at about 12:30 am just about every other human being evaporated from the immense airport. I found myself quite literally alone. This was both fortuitous and unnerving. I strolled around the departure halls for hours seeing little more than a cleaners here and there and only one other passenger. I found a couch of sorts and bedded down. Airport CNN doesn’t seem all that loud when the terminals are full but god it’s loud when they’re empty. The 30 minute loop of the day’s news became a constant annoyance. Finally I put my headphones on and drowned it out with music.


I awoke several hours later completely surrounded by people awaiting their departures. Going from zero to a million people in a subjective blink of the eye was very disconcerting. Lesson here: add ear plugs to your list.

Jeff Chapple

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2 Responses to Zombie Apocalypse ATL

  1. elaine emmi says:

    Jeff, it was fun texting with you as you were traveling. And yes an airport can be a bit daunting without the people! And here’s hoping that more airports will install beds by the hour for transit travelers. Can’t wait to hear all your stories upon return.
    hugs to you and all the other wiggletonians

    • Jeff Chapple says:

      As I was headed to meet Dave’s flight at ATL, I discovered, to my chagrin, that Atlanta does have “suites” that you can rent by the hour in the airport.