I am extremely grateful that my family and friend plans were able to merge in San Diego to bring a wholesome soulful close to 2012. Aunt Sonja and Uncle Joe welcomed us to a home cooked meal and shared photos from adventurous vacations including visiting penguins from an icebreaker ship. After saying good-bye with heart to heart hugs to the family, our group of friends concluded the year looking up at the stars and relatively bright moon over the pacific. We found an unmarked dirt lot close by to park and retreat underneath a warm down comforter for the night. I was recovering from a cold and was grateful for the welcoming flat pull-out. Two hours later rasping on the window caused my pupils to reengage while waking into the reality of my location and surroundings. Once it hit me the cops were out to harass I stood my ground with snide remarks making it clear that nobody should mess with my REM, especially when my body is in recovery mode. Thankfully, once they realized we were a group of traveling geeks out for sober adventures, they decided to let us get back to sleep. Waking into the first sunlight of the New Year with close friends fills my heart with joy. We wrapped up errands and made it to Santa Rosa in daylight where we found a chill spot to park for a couple nights. Our first evening beach walk came with $1 tacos filled with delicious guacamole and salsa. The waves romped onto the shore while little snowball birds scurried up and down in search of their food. Food is one of the best celebrations in life and the meals we’ve enjoyed here are among the best, especially when accompanied with Thad’s stories. Time is catching up to my distractible writing and I will wrap up this session with a thank you to Angela… for being the incredibly vivaciously beautiful being she is whom I am extremely grateful to be able to celebrate her birthday with in San Felipe. *)
Marie Green
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  1. Jeff Chapple says:

    Ah Marie, you are such a wonderful, dynamic spirit. The world is such a brighter place with you in it. Just don’t kill yourself doing something TOO crazy! 🙂