Wind and Dogs


We pulled onto a small dirt path trying to find a way to the ruins I thought I saw. We parked a little past the end of the road on a rocky cliff, two meters away from a drop off that poured straight into the sea. The horizon was decorated with an endless shoreline of large rounded black rocks. As we explored we came upon the lower half of a whale’s skeleton. I have no idea what happened to the upper half, but I can imagine that someone might have fetched a decent price for it. Little crabs scurried into the cracks between the rocks as we walked. They reminded me of cockroaches. They might have even been cockroaches. Angela and I climbed back up the cliff face. My heart and I woke completely up for a small section of that climb that required me to just go for it without having a completely secure hold. It was one of those spots where one foot was in a good spot, but to get to the next hand hold I kind of had to trust everything to just that foot and then leap for the next hold. My knee bore the mark of my lack of grace by the time I reached the top. Angela seemed to have far less trouble than me, but then again she has quite a bit more grace than I do. All three of us climbed on Wiggles to take in the view. Chihiro was a bit nervous, but quickly came alive up there. “It is amazing” she kept saying over and over. I got excited because it was the first time that I felt that Chihiro was completely sharing the experience Angela and I were having, that she touched what we were out here for. As her confidence grew Angela had her stand up and grab the wind. She broke out into laughter as her coat danced and I tried to capture the moment with the camera.


Another military check point, which means getting out of the car while a single soldier casually looks around for about five seconds and Angela jokes with the guy holding the M-16. It is still remarkable to me how unintimidating these encounters are. I can’t remember a single time when I didn’t feel intimidated in the United States around men with officially sanctioned power. In the states there is always good reason for my heart to quicken around flashing lights, or a badge, even when I know I’m not speeding, or doing anything intentionally wrong. There is a reasonable probability that at any moment I will be picked on, made an example of, or be at the bad end of some bully’s need to make a show of his power. Here the road is speckled with military personas carrying guns, but I’ve never seen any of them grab those guns like they were about to shoot me or anyone else just for asking questions. They just don’t seem to think of their job in the same way as their counterparts in the states. It is quite refreshing. I’ve never felt this sense of freedom to just move around with so little worries. The man with the gun told us that we had at least 70 more kilometers of rough dirt road ahead of us. From the Sea of Cortez side of Baja this road is the only way to where we are going – unless we want to backtrack a few hundred kilometers. Isn’t it cute, I’m thinking in kilometers already. J My Spanish is coming along too. I’m not really speaking much yet, but I’m starting to understand more of what is said around me and at this point I definitely know what “tope” means. I used to say that I can understand a lot of what people are saying in Spanish but I can’t talk back – like a dog. Now I think I’m surpassing the amount of Spanish that the dogs around here know. I can’t say for sure though because the dogs around here are a bit different from the US dogs. They are free and happy. Sure, they run the risk of getting killed by cars with all that freedom, but they also get to live a real dog’s life in the meantime.


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One Response to Wind and Dogs

  1. Rico says:

    So glad that you are doing well and that the chances you take are flights of inspired risk! Also may every Federale you meet be fair and unintimidating!! as well as every person you meet be perfect passersby if not ‘amigos’! You seem to be in that wonderful groove of ‘being in the moment’ where you are protected by your desire for freedom and the unseen power of your intention for a Blissful experience. May this continue and that you all be safe in everyway!! Charge forth Beings of Light and unbridled enthusiasm!