Wake up. It’s time to go.


Waking up on December 26 2012 didn’t feel any different than other days. I began finishing the preparations, making sure all the last minute details were finalized. The rooms become empty and the clock was ticking. Jumping into Wiggles (the Vanagon or commonly known as a Hippy Van), driving through Salt Lake City for what felt like the last time, brought out some nervous and funny jokes.

We met Chris, and she gave us some cookies that i think she stole from a homeless person. She called them “Hobo-Cookies”. Then we headed towards Jeff’s and enjoyed his company and sense of humor. Jeff is quite the cook. For our final stop we met my family for dinner. My family has always been incredibly supportive reminding me to shoot for my dreams.

On our first night we headed out during a snowstorm. We woke up to a snowy morning with very crisp air. The view was white, clean, a fluffy. A blanket of white powder was all around me. When I kicked it a puffy cloud spread all around, so I had to clean my shoes because they were covered with snow. Being a grownup child is difficult.

The next destination was Zion’s National Park. I love the wild beauty that is painted in red stone. Red rock is a must see sight in the west. I’m ready to experience other colors, the color of green of rainforests, and blue of the sea. I’m looking forward to traveling south, especially because the north is cold this time of year.

We slept under the full moon at Horseshoe Bend and woke up to hike in 25 degree weather to watch the sunrise. It was cold but worth it. Then we started driving towards Arizona and Tucson to visit with Chris and Mike, good friends of Thad’s, and people with impressive character. Mike has a son named Chayton and he is an awesome 12 year old.

We have spent two days with them and i learned many things from them. Chris showed us a multitude of gems and precious crystals, a space and air museum, how to bead, and we all enjoyed long hours of conversation.

It’s the beginning of our trip and I feel alive.


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3 Responses to Wake up. It’s time to go.

  1. Chris says:

    Hobos are great pastry chefs.

    My adventure isn’t joined with yours at the moment, but they’ve collided before and will again. Keep rocking the updates, you amazing souls!

    Love and all that jazz,

  2. Rico Moreno says:

    Bon Voyage !! You’re in our prayers and we are very interested in your adventure! Having been in Mexico for a good part of 1987, it’ll be interesting to follow you as you go!! Have FUN and be Safe!! Many Blessings in everyway!