Veracruz City is a place with many facets. The people in Veracruz seem to cary themselves differently. I get the feeling that it’s because they have a different attitude towards life. Veracruz is the port city where Thad and I parted ways with Chihiro and Thomas. I feel convinced that their adventures will be epic. They will encounter many that will give them knowledge, time, and new stories to tell. Best wishes for Chihiro and Thomas.

After  leaving Veracruz, we asked a local  what the cool things there were to do in the area. The young man told us of a laguna about 2 miles into the town to check out. The laguna was next to a cow pasture and one cow got especially friendly with Wiggles (he even liked the driver mirror). We swam across the laguna, to the waterfall on the other end. Thad got to work a fisherman’s boat and we took a shower in a stream. Over all it was very refreshing and welcoming.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 2.33.30 PM

As we were leaving the small town and enter the main road, we saw Thomas getting into a truck. He had joked about seeing us soon, but this was ridiculously soon, only one day. Chihiro got out of a second truck, and we said hello and laughed for a bit. We had to leave soon since we were in the middle of the road and we didn’t want to disturb the traffic. Anything can happen at every corner.


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