It was time to look for a place to sleep and we ended in Mismoloya, where the small beach provided much entertainment and lots of people to keep us busy.
During the morning Thad, Thomas and I went for a run, at first it was going to be a short and sweet one, but ended up being long and amazing. We started our run  though the small city across the main street and away from the beach, as we run up for a bout a mile or more, we saw a sign saying “Waterfalls 2 miles”. We decided to run for it, and make it to the waterfalls. We run up and beat the couple riding the horses, i felt proud of my 30 year old self for acomplishing that. Once we were almost ot the top we saw a gate that made us stop and take a pictures, we were saying that it looked like going into Jurasic park, and there were signs of “Predator”, altho we didn’t  know what it meant, we continued running, at the end we realized that it was the set for the movie Predator. The crashed helicopter was there, and a beautiful restaurant that was cleaned every morning.
And  we hadn’t seen the waterfall, when we saw it we realized it was a very small one. We realized that the waterfall could be used as a slide, and the fun started from there,, a slide and a swing rope that brought some fear into my heart before trying it, and some awesome feelings of accomplishment once  i went down on it, or swing from it. LIFE IS AWESOME.
We run back a lot faster then we got there, specially because it was downhill and we covered the 3 miles or more quite fast.
After the 6 or more mile run, we went back to WIGGLES where we met Chewey.
Our soon to be guide Chewey  very much fancy Chihiro and gave us a good deal to go snorkeling.
Snorkeling was so much fun, we got to see fish of all sizes and many colors, the water was a bit murky and it was difficult to take good pictures of them. But the fun was incredible, and we enjoyed the swiming and specially swiming through the cave, we did that a few times, just for the fun of it.
Full of smiles we got back on the boat and started on our way bac, when Chewey ( our guide) saw a big while jumping, and we stayed a bit longer to watch the whales at work. WHAT A DAY !!!   and it was not over.

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 4.39.39 PM

Yes, there was a shower waiting for us. It came with lots of espectators, but i really didn’t care, i shampoo and washed and felt refreshed. Went to wiggles and we relaxed and later had a night meal,  and served double for the two man that were starving in our car. It seems the calorie count was low and it was time for them to fill up. We finalized the day with massages, we all enjoyed a relaxing massage and we were ready to go to sleep.

The next morning the favorite word was “Gallo” (Rooster)  and something about killing it. It didn’t know when morning was, it just kept cooing over and over again. Even the locals were talking about it,  sometimes about killing it.
We got ready and prepared ourselves to go. Good bye Mismaloya.

We drove back to Puerto Vallarta, where we ate in a street stand, and enjoyed some conversation with the cooks. Were able to find a good map and the usb connection for the SD cards. All of these errands were done much faster than we had expected. Great cheers for finding the perfect parking area.
We drove around Puerto Valllarta less touristic areas, and I so impressed and exited about the architecture, and how foreng it looked in comparison to the city where i grew up, being Orem Utah.

Then we started to drive towards Guadalajara, going torugh the Sierra Madre de el Sur, and finding amazing views with strange pines, and layers of mountains, i counted 6 layers, and was sad to know that the camera wouldn’t be able to captures the beauty of it.   Next stop Mascota Jalisco.

Niceties out and straight forward ness in, Mascota Jalisco makes me think of a black hole, a place where a figurative sense of trapping can be possible and is almost palpable. It reminded me of all those times I heard of people that were going to pass by Utah, broke down and stayed. Mascota seemed to be one of those places. Thomas found himself broken down behind the main church, it was still running but it seemed that one of the pistons was out.
It was a good thing that Mascota offered free intent and many streets paved with stones, this made this place quite pretty at first.
Mascota withs it’s energy, vibe, disposition, circumstances, wherever you would like to define it as, left us with a bitter taste. There is not one thing I can point at that would be able to pinpoint why I felt awkward about the place, we left with some negativities. Car broke, camera broke, necklace broke, and Thad and I had an argument, that although we spend much time together it was not normal to occur in the fashion it did, we didn’t like it. We were glad to leave and head towards Guadalajara.

Guadalajara welcomed us with open arms and quick to fulfill the needs and errands we assumed would take a day or more to finish. Went to chillies to eat, since we had a melancholic moment to feel at home and had the worst meal of the trip. I decided to ask for a salad, and it was the worst one I have ever had without exaggeration. The salad was old, and the ends a bit brownish, the meat was incredibly weird, and very undercooked, I left the meat behind.  Say hello to MacDonald’s, the savior of the day, it tasted just like home, breakfast was awesome. We went on to take care of  the errands, and as I mentioned before, it was fast and efficient, we were done within a few hours and it was time to look around the city. The downtown was amazing, architecturally and culturally, streets small and mostly one way roads. Walked for a bit and found ourselves behind the cathedral. We went towards the park and enjoyed watching the people of Guadalajara at the main point of gathering. We sat until dark and until it was time to go and visit Thomas abut 10 minutes  away. Those 10 minutes turned into a much longer endeavor, the phone thought we needed to see more of the city and sent us on what I will assume was the scenic route., buy during the night it was impossible to tell. We finally found him and we decided to go to his cheap hotel to take a shower. The motel was less than appropriate for children, and…… thewater was hot and the shower needed, can’t complain, it cost 25 pesos.


We found a wall with lots of beautiful murals, and decided that it was a good  place to sleep, since it was close to where Thomas was going to stay, but as we parked and started to talk and have some loughs, the cops stopped very quick next to us and got out of the car and flashed the lights inside the van. They told us that it not recommended for us to stay there. We said good bye to Thomas and went to look for another place to sleep, next to a park. The park was quite open and had a bar called “Mala Yierba” it seems that we were it the right place and set up wiggles to go to sleep.

The next day we went back to the center and found the most amazing breakfast at a place called “Las Palomas”. They had a plate of fruit with yogurt, with granola for 25 pesos. The plate of fruit was big and delicious, we had to come back the next morning, Chihiro and Thad agreed. Went around the museum, the governmental  building, the cathedral, and the mercado, it was fun to walk around. Went back to pick up Thomas, he had finally sold the car and decided to move in with us for an unknown amount of time. Welcome Thomas to wiggles.  We went back to the center where we found the best parking spot and were able to stay there for the night. I woke up during the night, and heard the cops talking outside wiggles and laughing, saying now wiggles had two levels and there were four people sleeping in the van, and how cool it was. I specter them to wake us up and ask us to move, but it never happened, it was a good thing because I was quite comfortable.


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