Today we were christened into the kingdom of trolls as we woke up in the tunnels of Guanajuato. The constant dripping of water and the loud reverberating echoes of passing cars  kept us awake for most of the night. Perhaps this is  why trolls have a reputation for being grumpy. Every now and then Thomas would break out into laughter in disbelief that is was possible for those cars to be that loud. Still, spending the night in the tunnels was totally worth it. All of us are awestruck by this city. It is an elaborately woven together wonder of cobblestone streets, surrounded by vertical walls whose jutting grandeur is accented by colorful houses stacked on top of each other and angled braces that support them as they overhang the streets. There are mazes of tunnels all throughout the city, popping up here and there and disappearing with only a hint of their existence. This is definitely one of my favorite cities so far.


Going for a run this mountainous town was exhilarating but very tiring. Up mountains of technicolor homes, down steep staircases, through underground tunnels, around the city square… it was beautiful!


Come and join us!



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One Response to Trolls

  1. Estela says:

    The tunnels look awesome. I would love to experience running the ups and downs of the city of Guanajuato. It does sound beautiful! Where are the pictures of the colorful homes?