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In Mazatlan we gathered two other cars, one driven by Thomas, and the other one by George, along with his girlfriend. We wanted to travel the less traveled road and got to see some amazing scenes, and a tire station with a big display for the Virgin Mary. As we traveled though Nayarit, George recommended that we stay at San Blas, a beautiful town on the pacific side that made a point to say they are still part of the Sea of Cortez. We had dinner, and got to give some food to a kitty, but Thad was saying that kitties here are different than the United States ones, their attitudes are not as “I’m the master of my human.” We suspect is because of all the dogs that walk free on the streets. The cats must feel tormented and second class citizens, unlike in the United States, the dogs walk around with a purpose, and have their own social classes and agendas. Is not unusual to see them trotting with goal and possible bone or bitch on their minds. At least i’m assuming those two things would be of great importance to them. In San Blas we went to the beach and found a good place to park, and during the night we played card games and went to sleep with the sound of the waves crashing.

In the morning, Thad and I went on a run, and it was so relaxing and beautiful. We were able to see hundreds of birds hanging out, along with vultures, eating a dead sea gull. Thad got incredibly close, and was able to take close ups of the vulture flying off. The morning run was great, and by the time we came back, George and his girlfriend were going to continue on their trip, and we stayed for a bit longer, we had a quick outside shower and did some breakfasts. Went downtown and checked out the Mision, and the government building, also they had outside vendors and lots of people going around, I saw a 3 day old baby, and this made me realize that he will be part of the next generation of Mexicans. We ate some roasted chicken with very spicy jalapeños and went on our way.


Bienvenidos a Puerto Vallarta, small streets, with lots of tourists. Went to “El Malecon” and went into a store where they sold art pieces from the Huichol Indian, they were very beautiful and colorful. I was glad that i had done some research about them and felt exited of the books I read, there was so much information in my head about them, but the situation made it a bit difficult for me to be able to share my knowledge of the subject.

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