Triangle, and 2013 tropical storm Andrea

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As a desert person, the sea fascinates me. Staring into the distance of the sea blue beauty and wide horizon brought feelings of desired adventure. Like a 4 year old that stares out the window into a world of unexplored streets, I looked at the sea with adventure in mind. Leaving the last island in the Caribbean, with Bermuda as the destination, the jokes flowed freely. In the magical mind of the world of unknowns the Bermuda triangle full of it’s mysticism was our next destination. As we embarked, we asked the captain about the weather, he said that a few places had strong winds, but there was nothing to be worried about. We continued on. After a few days, we woke up to a beautiful calm sea, nothing was happening, everything was too calm. If I would have known the tale-tale signs I would have been a bit more fearful. The sea taking a breath, before the storm came to us. With no escape, we had to go on and continue our course. The swells increased in size, and the wind started to blow. Scott was staring, and for the first time I saw our captain worried. With 65 knots winds, and the 8 meter swells the sea became unforgiving of mistakes. Unable to consume food, headache and dehydration took its toll. The boat rocked and tilted toward the left, all we could see from the port window was water. The starboard side would display the waves striving to grab us. Scott maneuvered through the waves for hours, as we uncomfortably laughed and made jokes of a blue death. Sometimes making jokes it’s all that is left. The storm subsided the next day. And the sea went back to its choppy self. Unusually under the circumstances, there was no bonding moment with the captain. This might have been the breaking point. Angela Arvizu

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2 Responses to Triangle, and 2013 tropical storm Andrea

  1. Lori Johnson says:

    Hi Angela… I don’t usually say curse words. Just because I guess.. Oh, I think I am conditioned due to the fact that throwing words out off my tongue mid sentence in a classfull of little 4th , 5th, and 6th graders might have many a parent calling me into THEIR offices.. lol… but.. HOLY HELL OF ALMIGHT PERFECT STORMS.. I saw those rougish wave coming at you guys.. and the ill feeling, well, I cannot imagine it. I have never been on a boat.. Or a airplain not to mention… lol.. so I guess I’dah been a lot of help to you and the crew… The ocean is a crazy entity… like the saying goes: Satan domiates the waters, while land is dominated by… EINSTEING.. ok. God if there is one.. but I do think that an evil force reckons with water.. I have been reading so much about your wild and crazy once in a lifetime adventure… every day. I love your new outfits, I love those colorful clothes you have…. and I am loving the idea that you and Thad’s humor are getting you through this crazy “Castaway” story… I sent a Wilson Sports Ball theme to you both…. it made me laugh, not for the awfulness of what happens to a person being stranded.. but, Tom Hanks is just pure love. Ok dear girl… I asked you a little while ago.. what you miss the most since you have ventured out on your journey…… can you tell us what it is???? ((I hope it’s not the bike you sold Starrla))… lol lol…. she love that bike.. to no end.. Ok my friend….sunny skies, waves that come to you in the golden mean, and thick mosquito netting with NO holes… lol. Much Much love.. Lori.. and Starrla..

  2. James Hall says:

    Went deep sea fishing in Japan. I know a little of how you must have felt. Drove out with the owner of Big Bear Gym to go fishing. I’m thinking how exciting its going to be tuna, shark something big….. No it was boring as hell mackerel, caught about a hundred. The ship captain told us the weather was bad and recommended that we come back another day. But Hatori sensei could not be swayed. We powered our 35 foot boat out for about an hour and a half. Started fishing, within the first 30-45 minutes all 10 or so gym members are in the hold pucking their guts out. Hatori and I are the only ones left fishing. I am just trying to keep busy doing something because I am green, cant figure out if I should focus on the boat, the horizon, the far off shore. This misery goes on for about another 2 hours. Mechanical reels drop them to about 300 ft, watch for it to bounce, hit the button up come 5-10 mackerel on your line. So finally the ships captain is getting nervous, he says we need to go in. Hatori wants to stay another half hour, we all paid about $100 bucks. Finally its starts raining, the waves have been in the 4-5 to five foot range not a big deal. Then we start getting pounded, 10-15+ foot waves. All of the crew is scurrying around, we start powering for the shore. Oh did I mention no life jackets no safety gear. The engine is screaming we are going as fast as we can go, takes us 3 hours or so to get back. I am holding onto the boat for dear life, sure that we are going to go over when we get hit with a rogue wave. I on the deck, freezing cold not sure if death might feel a little better than my churning guts. What a hellish trip, powerless, in the middle of the ocean, too far to swim, and all I got was a bucket full of mackerel.

    P.s. Thank you for the pics, the stories, inspires Celeste and I for out next adventure.