The Night of Magic Light


My favorite night in Costa Rica started as we parked along a pristine shoreline, out of sight of any other humans, ten feet from the high tide line, between palm trees. We stretched out our hammocks, opened cocoanuts with the axe that Phil gave us, and then ate cocoanut until we couldn’t eat any more. As the sun went down, painting the sky in hues of pink and orange, Dave and Jeff started a fire on the sand and I walked down the beach to see if the rumors of fresh water showers were true. They were!! About a half a mile away, in the trees was a little outpost with an external working shower and it was free!! I took a long shower and then started walking back to our little perfect camping spot. In the distance I could see the glimmering fire, announcing where my loved ones were, and reflecting off of the shallow film of water over the sand.


Above the constellations were twinkling at a slant that made it impossible to forget how far south I was, and to the South dry lightning flashes lit up distant clouds. On top of this fire flies and the fascinating beatle with two glowing spots that lives in these parts flashed like little sparks in the trees. I walked slowly, letting my eyes dilate, catching the reflection of the constellations off the water and waiting to see a second falling star. Then I noticed something strange, something tantalizing. For the first time in my life I noticed that my footprints were actually among the stars. The water beneath my feet was reflecting the stars above, something else was going on. Every time I stepped on the sand little lights shimmered beneath my feet – bioluminescent plankton! I became excited to make it back to the fire to share this discovery with my companions, but before I made it back I noticed something else. The crashing waves were lighting up too. It was unmistakable. Every time the waves churned up the water a bright swirling ribbon of blue light danced on the water.


After hearing the excitement in my voice Angela ran out into the water with me. We swam into deeper waters and laughed as our hands and feet completely lit up as we moved. It was magical. In the shadow of the crashing waves, we stood in the warm water in awe of Nature and its wonders.

Thad Roberts

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3 Responses to The Night of Magic Light

  1. Tom says:

    Bro u are killing me!!! What am amazing experience. I can only imagine. Thanks so much for sharing hope u got lot of pics. 🙂

  2. elaine emmi says:

    fantastic! what an experience and now shared with all of us! stories to tell your shipmates as you cross the Atlantic and to retell over campfires to be! love and LIGHT to you, Angela and all the other Wiggletonians.

  3. KatieRose says:

    That was so wonderful. When I closed my eyes I could see you and Angela playing in the water watching the stars and bio­lu­mi­nes­cent plankton lighting the way. The feeling is fantastic. Thank you so much for taking us along. 😀