The Calm


Rounding the bottom of Florida, with the lights of Miami to our distant left and the soft glow of Cuba to our right, we got our very first experience of calm waters. The only waves were small ripples that made the surface glassy and smooth as they distorted the sunset clouds into a reflective surrealistic painting. No swells, no rocking back and forth, no calculating how to walk around, or trying to time your steps in time with the up strokes, and no worrying about the boom swinging around and knocking you out. This was a completely new sailing experience. With relatively light winds we ran every possible square foot of cloth up the mast. Afterwards we had the sensation that we were doing about 4 to 4.5 knots. Lucky for us, however, the currents rounding the bottom of Florida were moving at 5 knots in the same direction. So in total we were going 9.5 knots with the smooth sensation of only 4.5 knots. As Miami slowly faded behind us we entertained ourselves by watching the steady flow of cargo ships. We saw more ships that night than any other. Humans… so close, yet still so far away. I’m beginning to fully appreciate the opportunity to be social.

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One Response to The Calm

  1. Lori Johnson says:

    Calm Waters. Serene. I was going to ask you tonight, both of you, Angie and Thad, what is it that you have missed the most on your journey? Is it your home? Certain restaurants? Your own bed.. I HOPE NOT ANGELA’S BIKE… LOL. Is it something only you can get in the “States” or Utah????. After reading this chapter, CALM. I see that it seems you miss the social bond of humankind… I understand that one all the way….. Can you think what it is that you do miss from home here other than your social bond with people??? Ok, think and let me know. ok??? What a gorgeous clearing if I do say so myself…. stunning.