Sunrise and coffee


Pichilingue is about half an hour away from La Paz, and the place where the ferry leaves towards Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Chihiro and I had to go separate from wiggles and Thad, and the wait to get to the ship was much longer from what we expected. As we waited, I saw a couple playing cards, and speaking English. I decided to intrude and see if they wanted to include two more. They were nice and had flown from Japan to La Paz, and then take the ferry to Mazatlan for a wedding, later we met a Argentinian, that worked as a veterinarian, who was traveling by car and driving to Argentina from the US. We seem to meet travelers like us, or at least it seems much easier to find them – I assume because we congregate in specific points of access or information. As the ferry moved, we saw the land move farther away from us, good bye Baja California, we had good times and good memories traveling through you. As we were going we saw stairs leading to the top, where the antennas were and where the highest roof area was. We saw Thomas for the first time jumping over the gate, asked if we could go over there, he said he didn’t know and that he hasn’t asked. I read the signs of no transpassing, and personnel only area, we laughed. A person came out if the front and unlocked the gate, Thad asked if we could go up, he said it was dangerous, Thad replied with “Ella es una curva peligrosa”, that comment must have worked because we were able to go up and take some pictures. Then on to dinner and to the cabin, we invited Thomas to join us, and he did, he is from France and 23 years old, has an awesome sense of humor. We had decided to watch the sunrise, and the alarm sounded at 6:20. We went to the front of the ship, and were readily invited into the pilot’s cabin by the same gentleman that allowed us to go to the antennas level, we found ourselves watching the sunrise from the main cabin, talking to the first in command and at that point the captain, and drinking coffee from a French coffee maker. I couldn’t have Asked for a better way to start the day. I Learned a lot from the well traveled 37 year old.



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  1. Kimberly says:

    Thanks for the wonderful writings of your travels! Better than any travel show on the Travel channel or cable tv for that matter! Safe travels to y’all!