San Felipe


The drive from Ensenada gave us plenty of beautiful towns dressed in white plaster with the sea behind them, pictures can’t give enough credit to how beautiful it was.

We are now in San Felipe, where the food and the people are the best. I can understand why this spot is considered to be a must see tourist destination. We drove towards San Felipe, and found some incredible sights. Marie wasn’t able to contain herself when she saw the great boulders and she had to go climb them. San Felipe is a beautiful town and it is where I spent my 32nd birthday. Thanks Chihiro for being so sneaky and buying candles, it was an unexpected but very welcomed birthday present.

This morning we were going to go running on the beach but found a small ball and ended up playing ball as we ran. It was great exercise and afterwards I felt incredibly happy and tired. After walking around the city, we found the monument to the Virgin Mary with an amazing view to the ocean and an abandoned building that used to be called Boom Boom.

Now it’s time to meet every one at a karoke bar and enjoy some dinner.

Angela A

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4 Responses to San Felipe

  1. Rico Moreno says:

    Good reading your adventure!! I have always found Baja to be cool and free feeling! I’m so glad that you intend to take the ferry across to Guadalajara skipping Los Moches and the ‘growing fields’ area … to many uncertainties there these days! … even from the Federales!
    Much Love and Blessings being showered your way … Namaste!

    • The ride to the ferry was a trip we wanted to take, along with getting to see Baja California. I had heard so much about it’s deserts and playas, we had to see them for ourselves. The ferry was a treat, and it seems skipping for now some of Mexico might be necessary for now.

  2. KatieRose says:

    Haven’t seen a post in a while. Hope all is well.

  3. Everything has been great. Mexico is beautiful and the beauty that it has would take years to touch the surface of what it has to offer. We are having fun. Thanks.