New Years Eve


Mike and Angela

I’d like to thank everyone who made this such a wonderful year. I’m sending my love to all of you. Whichever way our paths go, whatever this year brings, may we all remain close and willing to love. I’m happy to travel through time with all of you! Jeff and Dave we are thinking of you – as always. Elaine, Phil, Matt and Erin, thank you for having us in your family, best family ever!! Chris (Panties) and Tom you rock – we miss your wittiness already. Maria happy 24th birthday (a couple of days ago). Chris, Mike and Chayton thanks for kicking off our adventure. It was wonderful to see you again. We will be hoping for visits from many of you (Marcus, Jason, Josh, Marc, Rebecca, Eric, Georgia, Janneke, Dawn, Karly, Keith, Mireille, Andrew, Emily, Kimberly, Jeff, Elias, Jim, Heather, Pack, Jassi, Kimberly, Ingo, Steven, and everyone else :-)). Thank you Tomoko and Chika for the beautiful, unforgettable memories. Faye and Michael let’s keep working on our project 🙂 you two are wonderful. Colleen thanks for being adventurous and Katelin I wish you many future travels. We are now in San Diego with Marie and Johnny, who will be joining us in Mexico for the first week. I’m super excited for tomorrow, but first – tonight’s party.
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One Response to New Years Eve

  1. elaine emmi says:

    Wonderful wishes to you three for 2013 adventures in learning, exploring and enjoying! It’s so great to follow along and we love reading all three of your posts/pictures. We are all with you on this journey. Tonight its very cold and smoggy (red) in SLC and I’m thinking your beach at Carlsbad is the perfect place to be! SLC seems very quiet without Thad and Angela! Love to you and to Chihiro – you are now the three musketeers! All for one and one for all. Love from us.