My precious!



For those adventuring females out there, I shall make a list and some comments about what I have learned as a female traveler.

Best purchases :

The “Diva Cup”, used for your very anticipated days.
I was quite scared when I decided to use it, and I was a bit shaken, but after realizing the first time that I wasn’t supposed to insert it too deeply. Once re adjusted I went swimming, and forgot about it. The device is easy, and nothing to trow away, no extra use of toilet paper to attempt hiding it. Cheaper, cleaner, and more comfortable, the only thing it doesn’t do is help with cramps.  I highly recommend it.

Baby wipes :

Can’t live without them, sadly enough you will not find your favorite brand every time, but they are still incredibly useful and I seems to start depending on them.

Even if they are 5 dollars, get them, they will save your eyes.

The sun is not a friend to your skin, I assumed since I can tan that I will be less damaged by it, but I feel like I didn’t put enough attention to my body. As time passes, I realize I still have a lot to learn about how to take care of myself for future years. Sunblock was one of those lessons that I wish I would have followed earlier.

My toe shoes are my little vise. I find them comfortable and enjoy them deeply. Quite a few complements about them.

Floss them teeth.

To end this post I realize my needs might not match yours.
That takings things for granted at different stages or your life is common. That constant change or constant monotony can create a comfort zone where leaving it might require unknown, sacrifices. Unknown can create fears, and fears are usually avoided by humans.

Angela Arvizu

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  1. Rico says:

    Muy chica, simpática y útil!! Have fun & be careful!!