The Ever-changing Meter

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We are often diverted toward places advertised as caverns or waterfalls. As we drove towards the Biosphere of Monte Pio, Veracruz, we encountered many such signs. The usual advertisement would say “Attention, waterfall 50, 100 or 200 meters ahead”. We realized soon enough that we had to ignore most of them, since every time we traveled the designated roads, after a kilometer or more without locating the waterfalls, we had to consider they didn’t exist. When we finally gave up and decided to get back on the road, we saw yet another sign for another waterfall. It said “Waterfall at 50 meters”, as we looked towards the road, we could see at least 300 meters ahead without any inkling of a waterfall, then a small rolling hill and the road continuing for at least another kilometer. It seems 50 meters is not what it used to be. I miss the old times.

Angela Arvizu

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