Me & Mr. Crab


After a day in the brutal Nicaraguan sun at Playa Gigante, I crawled into my new makeshift bed under a beautiful tree just off the beach. Beer, stars, sea breezes and my favorite music were to be my evening. Headphones on, comfortably reclined, I started to zone out. I started to doze off.


Tickle tickle. What the hell was that I felt on the back of my neck under the pillow? Mr. Crab had found a new little hiding place to crawl into. After freaking out for a few minutes at Mr. Crab’s boldness, I settled back into bed. What was that moving at my feet? As it turns out Mr. Crab has a lot of buddies. This one was making a B line for places one does not want any sort of crab. Yes, Mr. Crab tried to rape me. This was only the first salvo launched by Nature that night. We then had the possums, the cow, the thorn in the heal… It was not a good night.


Jeff Chapple

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