The “flutter byes” or more commonly known as butterflies provided an amazing day full of adventure.
We went to the location where the Monarch butterflies breed. Thousands maybe millions of butterflies flutter around showing their bright orange colors. I remember running through Provo canyon and encountering a monarch butterfly, as I run after it, striving to take a picture and exitedly returning to the car with a blurred picture, and a childish attitude renewed about the beauty of the butterflies.El Capulin made a fary land come alive with butterflies. El Capulin is located west of Mexico City, by taking a side road south of Zituacuaro, and east of the fountain of the “La Senora de el agua”. Yes, those are the actual directions.

By taking the back roads plagged with pot holes, and minimal butterfly advretisement or information.
After arrival Thomas and I went to wiggles roof and we were able to see the area from up high, thank you Thad for driving. As we dodged the tree branches, taking pictures of the area and small towns, we were able to see the surrounding towns. We camped at a cross roads used to guide the sheep and horses. We woke up ready for the hike towards the butterflies.


The place where the monarch butterflies spend their winters and mate, creating the next generation. The next generation has a safe place to sprout from their cocoons and fly south all the way to the great lakes. It’s still unknown how the next generation knows to fly north, and a generation later come back to Mexico.
Walking though the highest concentration of butterflies, it felt like walking in a tunnel full of movement and color. Above and to the sides the butterflies flight created a constant hum that was randomly disturbed by “Thud” due to the collisions of butterflies. When looking down on this fluttery tunnel, it became a colorful path of death, no longer having the rhythmic hum. It seems butterflies as well as humans are not able to flight againts time.

Getting back to our campground, we enjoyed a solar shower and a fire that was fed by Thomas wood findings and Thad took amazing photographs, the fire gave a glow and the oportunity to test the camera.
Good times, good food, and good people. We left too soon, and we all felt like an extra day there would have been nice, but we headed towards Mexico Distrito Federal.

Angela A

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