Lover’s Beach


Due to getting robbed last night, we are now in a McDonalds using wifi and looking for a way to replace our stolen camera for a reasonable price. Angela already superglued the screen back together. Surprisingly, that was the extent of the damage from the break in. I’m taking a moment to post about the spectacular adventure we had in Cabo San Lucas.

The very southern tip if Baja California is a wondrous place – I recommend it to every member of Team Death Punch! Just a few dozen meters before the end of Baja there is a beach on the rough Pacific side (catch the irony) called divorce beach. The locals say that it has that name because of its danger. They say that sometimes when couples go there only one returns. It is also said that every now and then the waves from divorce beach crash all the way up the beach, kissing the beach on the Sea of Cortez side. For this reason the beach on this side is called Lover’s beach.


With or without history, this place was breathtaking. Cream colored sandy beaches separated by black jutting rocks that twist into interesting mountainous shapes, and at the end they come together to form a spectacular arch protected by sea lions. Best of all was the route to that arch. From lover’s beach we climbed through a small tunnel, followed the sandy shore, and then started to time the crashing waves so we could wade along the rocks to a safe sandy null on the other side. From there we walked through a dark cave, one that had waves coming into it from both directions. At the end of that cave we saw the majesty of the arch, a structure that literally divided the Pacific ocean from the Sea of Cortez. The waves were crashing all around us, filling the entire area with the echoes of a rhythmic melody and elevating our pulses. The arch was close in size to Utah’s Delicate Arch, but it was caressed by the tumultuous ocean. Its memory alone tantalizes my nerve endings.


Cabo San Lucas is quite touristy, and it has a very distinct American feel to it. For Team Death Punch members I recommend not worrying too much about the city. But some day, if you get the chance, fly out to CSL with a small waterproof backpack, walk the coast line, sometimes wading or swimming, and make your way to the arch. On the other side there is a huge cave, sandy, with one of the best views in the world. You can camp there all by yourself and watch the sunrise through the arch. I don’t know how you would beat that experience – except for sharing it.


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2 Responses to Lover’s Beach

  1. James Roundy says:

    Good thing not more things got taken! The arch looks incredible. It has been forever since I have been to see the ocean. I should remedy that. 🙂

  2. Rico says:

    If the camera was all that they took, then you are truly being protected!! As you know, stuff is replaceable even if its costly but your body parts are a whole other dilemma!! Stay SAFE!!