Rainforest Reverie


This afternoon, after Dave and I spent the day lounging in Santa Alena while Angela, Aubrey and Thad went waterfall repelling, we hiked up a little stream just off the road in Monteverde, Costa Rica’s renowned cloud forest. This was my first trek into what could seriously be considered rainforest. The short version: amazing!


The thing that struck me first was an overwhelming sense of life – everything was alive. The chaos of green hit me at a very deep visceral level. There was something absolutely familiar yet alien with the whole scene. I felt as though I had tapped into some long forgotten genetic memory from hundreds of thousands of years ago. I was quite surprised to find that I felt completely at home, or more to the point, that I had finally returned home.


The creek itself was little more that a trickle, forming pools when stopped up by the numerous decaying trees and smooth round boulders. The air was thick and steamy, filled with strange calls presumably from birds both near and far. The palpability of the atmosphere was extraordinary. I have never felt so entwined in the fabric of Nature. The ants (goddamn them), the mosses, the tadpoles, the lichens, the uncountable trees, vines, ferns and brush breathing in silent sighs with the infrequent breeze. The rainforest is a mystical, spiritual place.


As I blazed the trail for the group (yes, me the Nature-phobe lead the way), time stopped, calm descended into what I might call my soul. Scrambling up the boulders, sinking in the soft mud at the sides of the small pools, grasping vines as ropes, a profound quiet fell and I realized in a way I never had before just how amazing life is, how precious and miraculous it is. The glints of sunlight gently raining through the dense canopy made diamonds of the water and emeralds of leaves, sapphires of the flowers – treasures beyond measure.


Jeff Chapple

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