How long have you been here?


Horseback riding on the Beach

Last night the four of us, Marie, Johnny, Angela and I, made it out to the beach in the dark in time for the stroke of midnight. The new year started and we were ready for our adventure. Shortly after we found a place near the railroad tracks to park for the night and sleep. We were all really tired. Around 3:00 am we woke to the tapping of metal on our window and flashlights invading our vehicles. Angela and I were too tired to react, so we pretended to still be asleep. Chihiro didn’t make a peep. In the other car Johnny and Marie were already talking to the cops. Marie was rather upset that they were bothering and interrogating us. I eventually opened the door and talked to the cop. He said that San Diego recently passed a law that no longer allows anyone to sleep in their vehicles. I looked at him like he must be making that up and asked, “what about motorhomes?” “They can’t either,” he said. I wondered how people sold motorhomes… “Buy this nice new motorhome, even though you can’t use it” – doesn’t sound like an effective sales pitch. Evidently the cop had no idea Chihiro was above us. Marie was answering the cop’s questions as shortly as she could. When he asked her, “How long have you been here?” she said, “Since last year.” That gave me a good laugh. After they gave us our driver’s licenses back the cops told us that we could stay there (I guess even they recognize some rules as ridiculous). The next morning we busied ourselves trying to get some errands done (printing out our insurance policies, trying to repair a camera part, etc.). By noon we were finally ready to drive towards Mexico. When we crossed the boarder we were all surprised to find that we weren’t stopped at all. We just drove through. Thanks to Jeff tweaking our phone plan we were able to navigate and we sailed on through until we reached Playas de Rosarito. The beach was a totally different experience. The atmosphere was full of freedom, the people carefree. There were taco and cerveza vendors on the sand, with their umbrellas, and grills. And there were horses :-). Angela and I got to ride a horse on the beach for the first time ever. We relaxed and ate carne asada tacos and cerveza. Then we walked the beach until sunset, which was full of deep colors and laughter. It was strange. My whole life I’ve always heard about how dangerous Mexico is, about how corrupt and oppressive the police are, yet already I can feel something completely different. Already it feels that there is less to fear from the police here than there is from the police in the US. Parked on a random street we played card games for a couple of hours, then walked around the town and found a wonderful French restaurant to eat at. The owner came and talked to us. He was quite friendly and the food was amazing. Escargo and Caesar salad for me :-). It is strange, I never really thought about eating anything but Mexican food in Mexico. I’m not sure why. It is awesome here. I feel safe and free. And in this random spot that we parked, we have a super strong wi-fi signal for free. I’ve NEVER experienced that in the states before. Come and join us. This adventure is just getting started. Loves, Thad
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  1. I went to the place and the situation you described. !! How I was there but really here! Keep up the detailed expressions of the experience. Friggen awesome!