San Miguel Allende


San Miguel Allende a city name after Ignacio Allende, a friend of Miguel Hidalgo.

Ignacio Allende was a member of a group working on a conspiracy towards the independence of Mexico. Ignacio Ayende was the man able to give warning about the Spanish discovery of the conspiracy and the involvement of Hidalgo. Allende rushed towards the city of Dolores Hidalgo, and informed Miguel Hidalgo of the danger he was in, forcing Miguel Hidalgo and the other members of the conspiracy to take action. San Miguel Allende is city that displays beautiful architecture, it’s busy and full of life. This city is known to be one of cities to attract retirees, and tourists.

We decided to run though the city, and Thomas and Thad discovered that it’s not allowed to run without shirts,something about the town not being a beach town, but it was too late by the time they informed us. We run back to Wiggles, he/she waited patiently parked in front of one of the busiest “Mercados”. We were glad to be back, and took the hose out and took a solar shower, between taxis, busses, and pedestrians. It’s quite surprising how some reservations are forgotten and we can live a more relaxed life, after all I feel that all humans have an excessive amount of reservations, making you stop instead of taking action. It seems I took the action of taking a shower infront of a mercado.

Angela Arvizu


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