Happy birthday

In many places the central desert of Baja Mexico looks a lot like Utah. As we crossed it I felt flashes of familiarity, of the comforts of being at home. As I’ve been adjusting to this new life I’ve had many different thoughts running through my head. It is strange to be completely uprooted, not having a home, blowing around so freely in the wind, and yet it is also exhilarating. I’ve planned for this transition as well as I could and now its time to face the unexpected.

Ive been thinking about something Lucas told me during our last hot spring trip. He told me about the fake documentary that National Geographic made about “me.” I haven’t ever watched it, but according to Lucas their aim was to reject Mezrich’s book. Somehow they had gotten the idea that he was glorifying my actions. In their view what I had done was a crime against humanity and anyone that attempted to see me as a human, or understand my actions, was to blame for the downfall of humanity. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. I know I shouldn’t care, but it bothers me that people push such an immoral perspective on the world and then turn around and claim their position to be moral.

I’ve spent a lot of time around people, and I’ve come to know quite a bit about human suffering, the troubles we face, the dilemmas, the difficulties that everyone strives to overcome. Through it all it has become quite clear to me that the seed of morality is found in the willingness to attempt to understand instead of judge, to help instead of condemn, and to embrace the complex and sometimes competing forces that drive our lives instead of pretending that they can be separated or pulled apart.

So I say this to the creators of that “documentary” … It is too bad you weren’t willing to be open to the real story. Humans have an amazing capacity for striving for their dreams, an unbounded willingness to seek love, and a very interesting ability to think outside of their socially encoded rules when the first two goals necessitate it. Instead of automatically condemning me, so you can buddy up with your right wing stiffs, maybe you would benefit from recognizing that you too wish you had the courage to risk living. Sure I broke some rules, and yes, because people were sent to prison harm was caused. But the rules you support are to blame for that hurt more than anything else. Perhaps if you were willing to challenge the system from time to time you would see that it is keeping you down too. Perhaps if you took a deep breath and tried to make a decision, without looking to everyone else around you to make it for you, you would realize that what you really want is to live and love. If you were fortunate enough to have the chance to make that happen I can only wish that you would have the courage to try.

Of course, these words will most likely fall on deaf ears. Such is the way of the world. Meanwhile, I will keep living, exploring and loving. I cannot imagine a life richer than mine or more full of love. This moment, exactly as it is, is perfect. Thanks to all of you who are a part of my life. And most of all – thank you Angela for having the courage to live and love every moment!


Happy birthday Angela. Last year was in Hawaii, this year in Mexico, and next year??? We will see. xoxoxo



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    Happy Birthday my friend!