Feel the Wind

Thank you Marie and Johnny

DAY11 メキシコに入ってから5日目。マリーとジョニーと別れ、私たちはまたbajacarfolniaを引き続き南下していくと素晴らしい景色が広がっていく。私たちはその景色に惹かれるがままに車を走らせた。国道1号線を少し、西にそれるとそこは誰もいない、ただあるがままの姿の自然だけ、そこにキャンピングカーを止めて、少し休むことにした。 景色がきれいすぎて興奮した。旅をしはじめてから、ずっとキャンピングカーでの生活に慣れない私と新しい人々との生活に慣れない私のぼーっとした脳みそに新しい空気を入れてくれる感じだった。 目が覚めた! キャンピングカーの上で遊びながら、写真を撮っていると、アンジェラが「こうっやって体を動かして、風を感じながら・・・」なんか、少し恥ずかしい気もしながら、私もやってみた。目を閉じて風を感じながら・・・体が勝手に動いていく。気持ちいい。風にさえ乗れる気がした。今を感じた瞬間だった。東京のような大都会にいると「今」感じる瞬間が、どのくらいあっただろうかと思う。「今」というものは自分次第で感じる事ができるのだと思った。 It has been 5 days since we’ve arrived in Mexico. We said “Good bye” to Marie and Johnny, and we continue to drive down to Baja California. The wonderful scene spreads. We were charmed by the scene every moment. We just drive the car as we follow the scenes. We were in National Route 1 then we swerved the car west from road. Nobody was there. It was only the nature of a merely unvarnished figure. We decided to stop there for a while. The scene was too beautiful and I was excited. Since we began to have traveled, I felt out of it. I am not use to sleeping in a Vanagon and also spending 24hours with new people. It was like putting new air into the brains. I felt so good!!!!!! It woke me up! We were playing and taking photographs on Wiggles. Angela said, ” move your body and feel the wind… ” I tried it while also carrying out somewhat shameful thinking. I closed my eyes and my body started to move freely. It was pleasant moment. I thought I can even ride the winds. It was the moment to feel the present. When I was in a big city like Tokyo, how many times could I actually feel the present? I thought that ” the present ” could be felt according to myself.


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  1. t-royal says:

    Wow….thanks Chihiro…i can feel the wind too through your words…all the way over here in shenyang, china…

  2. 水着 黒 says:

    Feel the Wind | Beyond Atlas