Angela Arvizu


Born in Arizona, during the winter months, almost in transit from Los Angeles to Phoenix.

Was fortunate to live in Cuahtemoc Chihuahua, Mexico for the early part of her childhood, where she learned to speak spanish, before moving to Orem, Utah where she graduated from junior high, high school and attended College.

Angela started to fill her resume when she was 16 years old and by 18 she was working for a computer company that gave her the opportunities to apply herself in the computer world.


After working for fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Nortel, Cisco, and Adobe. She attended college, traveled once a year outside the United States and learned the fine art of backpacking. She traveled light and was always ready to accept any offer to see the world.

She learned rock climbing, yoga, canyoneering, running, always making time for dance, like belly dancing, club, merengue, salsa, bachata and rave styles were part of her weekends.

When she was working for Adobe she moved to Salt Lake City where she met friends that attended the University of Utah, they encouraged her to attend. In December 2012, she graduated with an antrhopology degree, with an emphasis in archeology, and a human development and family studies degree.

In December 2012 she graduated and started the a trip towards Panana with Thad Roberts, and Chihiro Hagezawa.

She enjoys archeology – with Central America and Mexico having plenty of interesting sites for her to explore.


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