Bienvenidos a Mexico


Yoga at sunset (Angela & Marie)

Happy New Years, as we watched the waves crash against the shore and listened to the power of the waves we kissed and hugged and welcomed the New Year. A few hours we were woken up by the lights of police cars wondering why we were sleeping in an abandoned, quite open space with no visible signs of no trespassing or any kind of determent to pick that place to sleep. Talking with the cops wasn’t that bad, and after about 15 minutes, we went back to sleep. Lets just say that we slept until late and started heading over to Mexico. Bienvenidos, a Mexico. We took some side roads getting to Playa de Rosarito, and we got to see some of the country, getting an idea of why its important to not throw trash, but after all, it’s a cultural issue, and I am not a judge. We got to eat some amazing Mexican tacos at the beach, got to watch children play, and grownups hug and birds fly. The aura of the Playa is so relaxing, it made me feel like there was something too relaxing about it, its contagious, I relaxed, and asked for a beer. Then we got to see horses, and ride a horse called “Payaso” Later, as we looked for places to sleep, we found ourselves at a very local place. It seems that it was the fishermen location to sell wholesale, it was a very interesting experience. There’s too much to tell, but a highlight of the night was the visit to “Pizza a la Leña” where we were able to eat some gourmet food. I asked for “Camarones en Aguacate en salsa de chipotle” it was amazing, and every piece of food was a delight. Thad got to enjoy “Escargo”, and he gave me a taste, it was great. Tonight I shall say Good Night. Cheers Angela
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4 Responses to Bienvenidos a Mexico

  1. Jeff Chapple says:

    Rosarito beach is a great little place! I haven’t been there for many years myself, but remember it being all you mention here. Last time I was there I had lobster and drinks for about $6. It was amazing to me that such a wonderful place was just a short drive from Tijuana — which, in my opinion, is a place to get out of as soon as possible. I’m glad to hear that your adventures in Mexico are off to a great start!

  2. Estela says:

    What a great picture. Love all the colors of the sunset. Amazing way to start this fantastic adventure. I hope it continues with beauty and wonder at every turn.

  3. Gilda says:

    Hey Thad!
    Don’t dare to miss the whales in Guerrero Negro, BC, look for the Malarrimo eco-tours, ask for Luis Enrique Achoy and have a wonderful experience watching and (if you have luck) touching grey whales (, They are up there from dec-mar.
    Ask for mano de león at the restaurant at the hotel and enjoy.

    Remember, do not travel at night, I’ll give you my mobil phone number if you need something. See you soon.

    Have fun!!