Belize & Mutant Fireflies


As we laid down to sleep, we opened the the screens surrounding us, leaving the world outside open to our eyes and closed to the night-bound critters. As we relaxed and admired the sexual dance of the light night bugs. I felt was Thad’s  body tense with an exclamation of awe and admiration. As I looked to his side, I saw something that I will consider unnatural and impressive, a lightning bug shining in all its splendor . The lightning bug surfed the air like an acrobatic plane, its light on without stoping. It passed his window and went to the front of Wiggles, where we could no longer see it. As the lighning bug appeared on the other side of the window, we could see it was still “on” and strong, below it you could see the illumination  of the ground, a natural flashlight. The lighning bug traveled as the alpha it was, and we cheered him on.

Angela Arvizu

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