Baby whale!!


As we drove the main street of Guerrero Negro, our attention was completely captured by a pair of men putting gas into a truck that had run out of it. I regret not having the camera ready, because the man on top of the truck had the most beautiful, gentle, amazing smile. The smile was contagious and my heart was filled with hope towards humanity, his attitude and smile was so full of pure and beautiful human emotion. Sometimes my fatalistic attitude towards human survival tends to take over and forget how beautiful humans are, I know he will never know how much of an impact he made for us. I hope the next time I meet some one like him I can capture it with more than just my mind, so I can share the moment.


That night we went for a Margarita at the local bar, got to meet some Americans that were traveling towards Cabo San Lucas. It was a very mixed encounter…

Have you ever seen foam made out of salt? I hadn’t, until we started to drive towards the campground where we would stay before we would go to meet the whales. I assumed the Great Salt Lake would be salt foam city, but maybe the lack of waves doesn’t allow the bubbles to form.

I will list what I have learned about whales

1. Baby whales are so dam cute…….. a four week old whale went “bump bump ” on the boat, and left splashing all around, happy to have given us a scare.
2. Baby whales sometimes are attracted to the sound of the motor, but only the ones that are 4 weeks old or older.
3. Baby grey whales are about 400-500 pounds.
4. There is a 9 kilometer area know to be where most of the mateing happens.
5. Grey whales mate two males and one female at a time.
6. The males help each other to achieve successful penetration.
7. The second male might lift the female and other male upwards, sometimes lifting a whale off of the water.
8. Females conceive every other year.
9. They only have one baby whale, no twins for them, good thing because…
10. baby whales drink 200 to 250 litters of milk a day.
11. Grey whales like to go into the Sea of Cortez because sharks don’t.
12. Sharks don’t like the area because is too shallow.
13. When a baby is born, it floats to the top, until they learn how to swim.
14. The high salt content helps the flotation of baby whales.
15. The depth of water where they give birth is sometimes only 9 meters deep.

This information comes from the courtesy of our guide.

As we were going back towards land, we were greeted by a dolphin. What a way to say bye.

As we drove towards La Paz we took a detour road and took a short with the portable shower bag we have on top of wiggles. What a refreshing feeling, it is to take a shower in a desert location with cactus all around and shampooing my hair was just ecstasy.

La Paz was the place for errands, and the lack of street sings allowed us to get to see the whole city. La Paz, has great food, beautiful views and amazing people. The people are incredibly nice and welcoming. Wiggles got a change of oil and filter, and we got to clean the air filter, I’m glad because it was pretty dirty. The mechanic was amazing, and taught me a lot. Thanks for the coffee and good conversation.


Went to eat at El Vado where Thad was able to enjoy shrimp wrapped in bacon, and cheese. It was incredible, along with a big bowl of guacamole, and 3 different salsas. It was a succulent meal, and to finish the night in a good mood we played a joke on Chihiro. Thad started to joke about “dine and dash” and told Chihiro that we will be leaving. A while later she went to the bathroom, we to;d the waiter to tell her that we had left. All the waiters were playing along. Our server even took the already paid bill to her, that is when she said ” I don’t have an any money with me, can I work here? ”

We showed up and laughed for a while, she jokingly said “Is what you guys did racist?” we laughed some more and realized that all the other servers were also laughing. It was a good night, and the server really liked Chihiro and her attitude towards the “dine and dash”.

Lessons learned in La Paz

1. You depend on getting directions from strangers.
2. If you are attempting to mail a package internationally, go to the aduana first, if the item is of high value, go then to the DHL, otherwise the correo.
3. Auto Zone is exactly like the ones in the US. It was like being transported to the ones I have visited before. McDonalds was visible from there.
4. Most of the time people will give you directions even if they don’t know where things are.
5. People are very polite and nice.
6. They open things late, and close early.
7. You need to go to Banjercito en Pichilingue to acquire the car permit.
8. If you drive a campmobil, or an Rv, you can get a 10 year pass and no deposit necessary. Otherwise you need a $ 200 deposit and the pass will only be for 180 days. I like Wiggles.

Today we are driving to Todos Santos where we will check out the surfing, and spend a few relaxing days at the beach.

It’s time for me to finish the process of cutting my hair short, and me and Thad will be buzzing out heads. Thanks Thad for all the support you give me, words can’t express how I feel about you, but I hope my actions reflect it.

Angela Arvizu

The days seem to go so fast when you are having fun.

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6 Responses to Baby whale!!

  1. Phil Emmi says:

    I love what u r doing, the good spirit u bring to it & the journaling too.

    • I’m glad you think so this way. I decided to change my writting to have a more personal touch, as if I was talking to someone. And it makes me happy that you enjoyed it, hope not to disappoint in the future. My Spanish is coming along, learning lots of new words, and attempting to teach Thad, he is picking it up fast. Hugs to Elaine and you, and a long “Hello” to Matt and Erin.

  2. Lori Johnson says:

    Hi Angela.. Happy delayed wonderful Birthday! I have finally found out how to navigate this blogger. I hear from our weather HERE.. that you might be having cooler weather there as well…. what a kick in the head if that happened… well, it is winter after all. I just looked at my weather app on the phone… I am at work in Ogden and guess what???????????? It’s oh… well…. SIX DEGREES BELOW !! In Ogden…. It has been snowing constantly here and its really pretty if you take away the crisp air… it would be perfect for icy cathedrals of canopes of snow covered pine trees!! Gorgeous…I cannot believe you all got to be so close to the underworld life! I love the story of the litle baby who felt so proud of nearly capsizing your boat…. LOL… priceless hu. I must tell you Angela…. of all of the gifts I gave to Starrs from Santa… well… ME.. she was so thrilled with your bike… best suprise of all the years past… she took the bike out for a drive now… about six or seven times with her Begal.. and they both loved it…. Its a magnificent bike.. even Schwinn doesnt’ sell any sort of part for it… maybe the little black cap that screws onto the rubber air filler upper thingie…. lol lol.. just the cap…. lol lol… I even love that bike… its wonderful.
    Tell Thadly hi for us and we have been thinking about you all, and who knows… I have been saving for no good reason—deep down, I think I would love to meet you in the West Indies…. I have been there before and it it luxxxxurious babe!!
    Kiss and Bliss.
    Love and Light..

  3. Rico says:

    Oh!! Did I miss your birthday Angela?!? Feliz Cumpleaños Amigita!!

  4. Gracias. I been trying to write fast and efficiently. It seems to be working, let’s hope it continues. I feel like there’s so much to say.