A few days before Bermuda


A few days before reaching Bermuda, Scott decided to leave the boat. A handsome gentleman, with a well worked body that showed definition had become starved and withering. Scott was ready to go back to his splendid life style, where showers, clean drinking water, work out routines and good food were accessible. Thad has lost a lot of muscle mass, and is looking too thin. For me, I wish I had a kilo or two less.

I want to clarify that the boat had food, flour, beans, mixed cans, salt, cookies and some fresh stuff. But all felt far away, in another place. We lived in a place where one was scrutinized in all movements. Felling like you used too much of this, or did too little food, or cleaned the wrong way, or 100 other details. I always had a lot on my mind every time I cooked. The kitchen became a little home of fear where every moment I expected the captain to tell me that I’m doing something wrong. This stress was something that others would not put up with, they preferred starvation over the stress. They needed easy access food. Crackers and things that didn’t require the usage of the gas, water, salt……… There is nothing worse that sharing a life with someone that tells you they are laid back, but are not; someone that has ways of doing things, but doesn’t tell you, that doesn’t give you access to a kitchen but expects you to cook. And it is difficult dealing with strong incompatibility towards the exchange of ideas. It felt as if conversations simply weren’t allowed, unless they were to agree. This trip keeps getting filled with lessons of life.

Angela Arvizu

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Triangle, and 2013 tropical storm Andrea

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As a desert person, the sea fascinates me. Staring into the distance of the sea blue beauty and wide horizon brought feelings of desired adventure. Like a 4 year old that stares out the window into a world of unexplored streets, I looked at the sea with adventure in mind. Leaving the last island in the Caribbean, with Bermuda as the destination, the jokes flowed freely. In the magical mind of the world of unknowns the Bermuda triangle full of it’s mysticism was our next destination. As we embarked, we asked the captain about the weather, he said that a few places had strong winds, but there was nothing to be worried about. We continued on. After a few days, we woke up to a beautiful calm sea, nothing was happening, everything was too calm. If I would have known the tale-tale signs I would have been a bit more fearful. The sea taking a breath, before the storm came to us. With no escape, we had to go on and continue our course. The swells increased in size, and the wind started to blow. Scott was staring, and for the first time I saw our captain worried. With 65 knots winds, and the 8 meter swells the sea became unforgiving of mistakes. Unable to consume food, headache and dehydration took its toll. The boat rocked and tilted toward the left, all we could see from the port window was water. The starboard side would display the waves striving to grab us. Scott maneuvered through the waves for hours, as we uncomfortably laughed and made jokes of a blue death. Sometimes making jokes it’s all that is left. The storm subsided the next day. And the sea went back to its choppy self. Unusually under the circumstances, there was no bonding moment with the captain. This might have been the breaking point. Angela Arvizu

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A crabby experience

Walking on sandy beaches is always a pleasure, your feet touching the usually pleasurable coldness that comes with the sea. Feeling good and healthy Thad and I decided to go on a run, the sun was strong, within a few minutes we were drenched with our sweat, pushing our bodies, we continued on. The sun was burning the sole of our feet, attempting to cool them off we would approach the water, only to find out that it was boiling hot. Coming back towards the camp we slowed down and started walking, suddenly I found myself screaming with my leg raised up, and jumping up and down with the other one. There it was, the little crab holding my big toe, screaming along with me. My leg waved furiously from side to side finally he let go and fell, he promptly shut up and buried himself in the sand. Yes, I had a crabby experience. Angela Arvizu

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Trip trip trip

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In Mazatlan we gathered two other cars, one driven by Thomas, and the other one by George, along with his girlfriend. We wanted to travel the less traveled road and got to see some amazing scenes, and a tire station with a big display for the Virgin Mary. As we traveled though Nayarit, George recommended that we stay at San Blas, a beautiful town on the pacific side that made a point to say they are still part of the Sea of Cortez. We had dinner, and got to give some food to a kitty, but Thad was saying that kitties here are different than the United States ones, their attitudes are not as “I’m the master of my human.” We suspect is because of all the dogs that walk free on the streets. The cats must feel tormented and second class citizens, unlike in the United States, the dogs walk around with a purpose, and have their own social classes and agendas. Is not unusual to see them trotting with goal and possible bone or bitch on their minds. At least i’m assuming those two things would be of great importance to them. In San Blas we went to the beach and found a good place to park, and during the night we played card games and went to sleep with the sound of the waves crashing.

In the morning, Thad and I went on a run, and it was so relaxing and beautiful. We were able to see hundreds of birds hanging out, along with vultures, eating a dead sea gull. Thad got incredibly close, and was able to take close ups of the vulture flying off. The morning run was great, and by the time we came back, George and his girlfriend were going to continue on their trip, and we stayed for a bit longer, we had a quick outside shower and did some breakfasts. Went downtown and checked out the Mision, and the government building, also they had outside vendors and lots of people going around, I saw a 3 day old baby, and this made me realize that he will be part of the next generation of Mexicans. We ate some roasted chicken with very spicy jalapeños and went on our way.


Bienvenidos a Puerto Vallarta, small streets, with lots of tourists. Went to “El Malecon” and went into a store where they sold art pieces from the Huichol Indian, they were very beautiful and colorful. I was glad that i had done some research about them and felt exited of the books I read, there was so much information in my head about them, but the situation made it a bit difficult for me to be able to share my knowledge of the subject.

Angela A

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