Agua Blanca

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With the windows open and our humidifier spraying us every few minutes we realized it wasn’t cutting it, so we turned onto a road with a swimming sign. It was time to cool off!  It was early in the morning, about 9 or 10 am and we knew the heat of the day would only increase. We went through a small town. We asked where the swimming was at, they told us about 3 kilometers more, so we went on. As we parked in front of the place, we realized we were the first there. We raised the top of Wiggles and decided to make breakfast burritos with eggs, beans, rice, avocado and salsa. After a few burritos, we got out of Wiggles and saw people coming in, the fee was 15 pesos per person.


They informed us of some caves we could check out. As we climbed up towards the cave we didn’t expect to encounter a 3 exit cave that took us at least 3 hours to go through. The cave had its own bridge, an area full of sleepy bats, a cemetery of snail shells, and many places to investigate.


After a long, amazing cave experience it was time to get to the waterfalls. The waterfalls were fed directly from the mountain, an area that was flowing from within the mountain and exiting into a cave then the water would fall  into hundred of small and medium waterfalls forming rock falls of many shapes and styles. It was play time.
Right before closing, we were ready to leave. Exhausted and our hearts feeling like those of children full of adventure we headed south, thinking that this place was one of the most filled with adventure and cheapest of the trip. Dinner was guacamole and chips.

Angela Arvizu

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