Good Sleep & Encounter

We arrived at the first waterfall, it was dark so we decided to go into a restaurant, attempting to get some kind of unhealthy sugary desert. I am sad to inform that we were unsuccessful in this venture, they only had healthy choices of fruit and flan. We decided to not eat anything and go to sleep.

We parked and went to sleep, being cuddled by fireflies, howling monkeys, a waterfall, and rustle trees, and above us the stars shined and the moon created a hammock (crescent moon) to rock the night sky and put it to sleep. Sweet dreams.


We woke up to a beautiful cloudy day and had breakfast at the restaurant, as we did computer updates and charged all the electronics we met a couple driving a car towards Brazil. They had swam in the waterfall and were very refreshed by it. The conversation was smooth, and it was refreshing to find a couple with inspirations, goals, desires and drive.  Mutual interests were shared, the conversation was fun and engaging. Thank you travelers, see you in Facebook, and I hope some time we get to meet you in Brazil or some other destination. It seems the only people that swam that day was the couple from Brazil and us. The tourists gawked at us, and pointed like we were a bit out of our minds.  I think we all should be a bit crazy, what fun it would be if everyone was the same.

Angela Arvizu

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