A joke worthy of laughter


Cemeteries are a common sight. The picturesque Mexican style of honoring and remembering their dead comes with a grandiose display inspired by their desire for emotional abundance. As we passed through a small town, I saw a cemetery approaching. I really enjoy looking into them, and admiring the unique style of Mexican cemeteries.


Cemeteries resemble a small version of a colorful town. The houses vary in sizes most are the size of a man or smaller. Pastel colors flash throughout the small streets the size of two people side by side. The immense amount of flowers of different colors, material, shapes and styles, are in semi-strategic locations. The crosses of different sizes adorn the top of some of the structures, like a city where every third house is a church. The shrines are decorated with a random styles of candles, some with imagery depicting saints, the virgin Mary, Christ and many other religious symbolisms.

The beautiful display loved ones have created for their deceased is for the most part found unwatched, unseen. On a few occasions you might find a caretaker or someone cleaning the family grave. There is an exceptional exception, where the town cemetery full of color and beauty was highlighted by a group of 3 men hanging out, laughing as they hold their stomachs, rocking back and forth, creating a blurred connection between life and death.

The cemetery and the laughing men seem to make a perfect show of how frivolous life is. Not having fear of death they laughed in the cementery.

Angela Arvizu

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