A few days before Bermuda


A few days before reaching Bermuda, Scott decided to leave the boat. A handsome gentleman, with a well worked body that showed definition had become starved and withering. Scott was ready to go back to his splendid life style, where showers, clean drinking water, work out routines and good food were accessible. Thad has lost a lot of muscle mass, and is looking too thin. For me, I wish I had a kilo or two less.

I want to clarify that the boat had food, flour, beans, mixed cans, salt, cookies and some fresh stuff. But all felt far away, in another place. We lived in a place where one was scrutinized in all movements. Felling like you used too much of this, or did too little food, or cleaned the wrong way, or 100 other details. I always had a lot on my mind every time I cooked. The kitchen became a little home of fear where every moment I expected the captain to tell me that I’m doing something wrong. This stress was something that others would not put up with, they preferred starvation over the stress. They needed easy access food. Crackers and things that didn’t require the usage of the gas, water, salt……… There is nothing worse that sharing a life with someone that tells you they are laid back, but are not; someone that has ways of doing things, but doesn’t tell you, that doesn’t give you access to a kitchen but expects you to cook. And it is difficult dealing with strong incompatibility towards the exchange of ideas. It felt as if conversations simply weren’t allowed, unless they were to agree. This trip keeps getting filled with lessons of life.

Angela Arvizu

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One Response to A few days before Bermuda

  1. Lori Johnson says:

    OOooooh, Angela, during this time…. I was reading your feelings.. and behold…. I feel your pain and angst!. I imagine a good euphism would be walking on egg shells, but alas.. you weren’t allowed any fresh eggs to cook.. gosh.. They say, when one door closes.. another realllllly good one opens.. such as this paradise you get to live in for some time.. hu… And… let nature take its course on the captain.. Gwen?? A female or male??? Just curious.. Its just like if you are fed a delicious fish that was caught, probably sort of salty???? Then to magle with your mind a bit more.. you’ll of course need some cool, clean, fresh drinking water to wash down with the sort of salty fish or food…. it’s a game Angela, with people like that.. just a game of power.. you just STAY THE WAY YOU ARE.. NEVER CHANGE, even for a fish… EXCEPT THAT CRAZY STARRLA FISH Thad had.. I still think that fish was a rubber star fish.. it was so unreal, that it was REAL…. I love you Angela.. and I wish I could feel the soft sugary sandy beaches on my feet too… xxoo