A crabby experience

Walking on sandy beaches is always a pleasure, your feet touching the usually pleasurable coldness that comes with the sea. Feeling good and healthy Thad and I decided to go on a run, the sun was strong, within a few minutes we were drenched with our sweat, pushing our bodies, we continued on. The sun was burning the sole of our feet, attempting to cool them off we would approach the water, only to find out that it was boiling hot. Coming back towards the camp we slowed down and started walking, suddenly I found myself screaming with my leg raised up, and jumping up and down with the other one. There it was, the little crab holding my big toe, screaming along with me. My leg waved furiously from side to side finally he let go and fell, he promptly shut up and buried himself in the sand. Yes, I had a crabby experience. Angela Arvizu

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3 Responses to A crabby experience

  1. elaine emmi says:

    what a great story Angela! I had no idea that crabs screamed…… hmmmm, makes eating them more difficult.

  2. Lori Johnson says:

    Hi Angela….Oh you poor thing. !! Whoa what a story.. I would have Never imagined that happening to you… geeeeeeeesh.. I fear in the ocean, not even sharks, but those Jelly Fish that have a venom that just swells up the body and I don’t think there is a very good antibiotic yet for the sting… Hey… I think the crab is relative to the Lobster.. I think that may be why they scream or squeal.. !. I bet that hurt you to bits!.. Why was the ocean boiling hot??? I wrote to you and Thad about coming home…. I think you and Thad and Starrla and I will all be bumping into each other in August…. right on the same days if I have it right…. will or would you and Thad like to meet in or on the border and we can kinda find some down time for you two? I lived there in S. Cali for years and know some “off the beaten paths” if you are wanting more experiences, or nice nice places to unwind and to reflect….. ok?? We can talk later for sure about meeting nose to nose… Love you… Sorry about your Little Piggy… well, your big toe….. xxoo

  3. Lori Johnson says:

    Do you know what Angela????? I was and have been wanting to ask you which university did you “put in for” to finish your degree?? I have been so excited for you and have wondered and wondered and if you have recieved word of acceptance?? Then, I wanted to ask you as well, what PRO’s do you find in Yoga? I have done Yoga years ago and loved it and how wonderful your muscles feel…. I think BELIEVE THIS OR NOT even today, I can still do the splits, fuller figure and all!!!.. Do you Yoga lol lol sounds for a more minful gain, or for quieting your mind, or for the body? or…. ALL THREE??? oK, and if you know yet about your University.. can you tell me???? Thank you dear Angela…. Miss you…