La Tortilla


Perfectly round Tortillas are taken for granted. Machines do them most of the time, their perfect round shape tortilla after tortilla, coutesy of technology.
It has been a long time since I have eaten home made tortillas, my mom used to make them when I was a child, but I never learned, specially how to stretch them with your hands. I was fortunate enough to try it in the city of El Triunfo, where we stopped to eat, the cook was out of tortillas and needed to make more. She started making the masa, I went towards the kitchen and sat down to learn and talk to Consuelo the cook and her mom Josefina. The kitchen was old style with a wood fed stove and a comal on the side, a big pan had refried beans and the other some kind of meat. She was working on making the tortillas, she would pour boiling water on the masa and she would knead it with out flinching.


As she finished with the masa, she told me that creating tortillas and cooking took some art and asked me to try it, I went and washed my hands, and went on to become a tortilla maker. It was very hard, and the ladies loughed at me, but after some work and a lot of stress from not doing it right, I finished my first homemade tortilla, I shared it with Thad and we enjoyed it. Even thou it wasn’t perfectly circular, it was delicious.

Angela Arvizu

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One Response to La Tortilla

  1. Estela says:

    Fresh cooked tortillas are delicious regardless of shape. I anticipate a taste test upon your return! Bon Voyage!